Episode 51

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22nd Nov 2023

From Chaos to Cohesion: Margie Oleson's Guide to Leading High-Performing Teams

In this episode of the Titans of Foodservice podcast, host Nick Portillo speaks with executive coach and organizational development expert Margie Oleson. Margie shares her insights on transforming leadership teams and building high-performing organizations. She emphasizes the importance of teamwork and clarity in achieving success and offers practical advice for leaders to improve their team dynamics. Margie also discusses the power of assessments, such as DISC and Working Genius, in understanding individual strengths and building cohesive teams. Overall, Margie's expertise provides valuable guidance for leaders looking to create a positive work environment and drive financial success.


  • "There should not be gossiping or complaining. If I'm a leader at the top and I have a leadership team, they shouldn't be gossiping or complaining about each other. They shouldn't go back to their teams and say, oh, no, we're fine. This is why we start with teamwork. All of that is undermining all of the other work that they're trying to do. It's undermining their meetings. It's undermining their ability to be quick and change direction if need to." -Margie Oleson [11:12]

  • “Sometimes you have the right people that are in the wrong seats and vice versa.” -Nick Portillo [19:57]


[01:00] Guest Margie Olson specializes in turning around leadership teams

[09:48] The core four pillars: teamwork, clarity, alignment, and accountability 

[11:35 | The importance of teamwork and its impact on organizations. 

[14:40 | The need for intentional leadership development and teaming. 

[16:54 | The role of clarity in successful teams. 

[20:13 | The use of assessments in team development. 

[21:34 | The "Working Genius" assessment. 

[27:39 | Using the working geniuses assessment during the hiring process

[29:16 | The need for better onboarding practices 

[33:45 | Margie shares advice she would give her past self as a student 


Portillo Sales


Nick: nick.portillo@portillosales.com

Margie: https://www.linkedin.com/in/margieoleson/

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