Episode 38

Published on:

23rd Aug 2023

Savoring Success: Dropout Multi-Millionaire Brian Will's Recipe for Restaurant Profits

In this episode of the Titans of Foodservice podcast, host Nick Portillo speaks with Brian Will, a renowned entrepreneur, author, and titan in the world of business and sales management. He has an impressive track record of success, having co-founded and led seven highly successful companies across diverse sectors that reached a valuation of over half a billion dollars at their peak. Brian shares insights from his exceptional acumen for innovation and growth and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. He shares how agile processes and principles from multiple perspectives can set companies apart. Brian also discusses the importance of community and his commitment to its growth.


04:30 Brian Will’s entrepreneurial journey

12:24 Tracking metrics for growth and success

18:46 Understanding the numbers

30:04 Brian’s role within City Council 

39:18 Overcoming objections before the client has them

43:02 The Triple Failure

51:56 Advice for young entrepreneurs


Portillo Sales


Nick: nick.portillo@portillosales.com

Brian: https://www.linkedin.com/in/theforcemm/

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